Jessica B.

Doc & Alena

Owner & "The Difference Maker" 

John Kaste

Storm Restoration Advisor & "The Yes Man"

Jeff Bacon

Storm Restoration Advisor & "The Good Guy"

Alaskan Made, Wisconsin Grown! Born In Anchorage Alaska, Raised in Green Bay  Wisconsin, Jessica wanted to bring something special to Wisconsin ever since she was a little girl. With years of experience making the community a better place by helping individuals find their dream job, she wanted to grow something of her own and continue to help everyone she meets. Prior to starting Alaskan Contractors she had various experience working in the roofing & Storm Restoration industry and fell in love with it. Everyday is always different and her love for people and making a difference in her clients lives is what gives Alaskan its drive. "There is nothing "Pretty" about Roofing but its the in between thats beautiful." -Jessica

The Friendly face at your door with a smile! With 8 years of experience working with insurance cliams and storm restoration industry Jeff truly puts his heart in everything he does to ensure that he is going that extra mile to give his homeowners a great experience!

The go to guy! With his level of expertise and years of experience in various industries. Jason is the glue that keeps Alaskan together. He is the make it happen force to this team and does it with a smile. Always striving to go above the expectation. He is the bold!

Jason B.

Operations & "The Consultant"

If there is a will there is a way! John comes with over 8 years of experience in the Storm Restoration industry including prior adjusting experience. He knows what matters most to his clients and will always do what it takes to meet each of their needs!

Justin sobieck

Project Manager & "The Insight"

The man with a plan! Justin brings alot to the table with his construction and progect management background. He treats every project as "one of a kind" to ensure that everything is done right and in the homeowners best interest! With his down to earth personality he does his best to help edeucate every homeowner on the game plan.